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In the end… love is all that matters

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2021 might just be the year your great idea catapults into something more

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We can choose to take our chance, to speak up, and to contribute. — Seth Godin, The Practice

Creativity often emerges during the darkest times.

These mindset tips will improve the quality of your life

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“It’s not your fault that something bad happened to you, but it is your responsibility to fix it.” -Will Smith

And I wasn’t so sure either.

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We will never regain the first half of 2020, but how we handle this time is what your kids will remember.

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Are you seeing this time as a dip… or a ladder to the best that’s yet to come?

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“Every now and then, something happens in life that seems to open a door you didn’t expect, and it serves as a threshold to other things.”

How to stay relevant while business has stalled.

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Anticipatory grief is the mind going to the future and imagining the worst. To calm yourself, you want to come into the present.

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Lucky guy… he got his flour and he’s thrilled. @ Vadymvdrobot/DepositPhotos

Are you waiting for your dreams to happen…or are they waiting for you?

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“It makes no difference what your faith is or is not; your thoughts will always, unfailingly, create your experience.”

— Mike Dooley, Leveraging the Universe

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